Quote by Abeba Birhane and Vinay Uday Prabhu from their paper — Large datasets: a pyrrhic win for computer vision?

In the first part I covered how computers were introduced and evolved to help us leap our collective computational limitations and designed to aid in our pursuit of making them in our image — a thinking, behaving entity. AI, which is fairly new in its implementation was well-thought-out half a century back, but thanks to the evolution in electronics, and increase in data, we are living in interesting times to see it evolve to practicality.

In this article I have highlighted the not so pretty and over-hyped aspects of AI. You would go through data biases, misuse of AI technology…

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In an era when internet, electronic devices, and information are accessible at the touch of a button, the crux of a certain technology is often taken for granted.

On that note, any given day, if you randomly ask people to compute the addition of 9871 and 345 without using a calculator, most people will take some time to answer an approximate value. An accurate answer in a matter of seconds would be rare. A calculator, which is a simple computer in itself will answer immediately.

This human flaw in computation is the reason why computers were introduced in the first…

[Personal opinion piece]

In early 1900s, Evan Pavlov — a Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, while researching on dog’s digestive system had successfully made it salivate on a bell’s ring; an experiment popularly known as “ classical conditioning “.

Explaining very simply, classical conditioning conditions a subject to exhibit a specific behavior (salivation) by combining a neutral stimulus (bell’s ring) with unconditioned or natural stimulus (food). Pavlov’s experiment was simple. It was natural for his dog to salivate on the sight of food. …

Earlier this year I finished a blog series of 22 blog posts about digital marketing to help fellow artists and digital marketing enthusiasts to have a starting point on this vast topic:

Link: https://blog.sangitaekka.com/table-of-contents-for-digital-marketing-series/

Few days back some people showed interest in this function and wanted suggestions/advice. I am no expert, but I will share what I know, and hopefully make it easier for the enthusiasts to take the first step.

On that note, this post is to identify, categorize, and simplify digital marketing activities for enthusiasts and acts as a simple guideline for early stage business owners and may…

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Why this video of Mr.Karan Bajaj, CEO of WhiteHatJr triggers me:

1. Their communication: The constant messaging that creativity reduces after a certain age is INCORRECT and more of a #FOMO message for parents. As a matter of fact, MIT suggests teaching MUSIC, NOT CODING for raising kids smarter. Kids are gullible, and so are many parents who do not have the privilege of having a software engineer as a close contact who can educate them further on any such ads like the ones by WhiteHatJr.

2. Women empowerment card: Mr. Bajaj needs to stop using the #womenempowerment card…

Original image is cropped. If you are Indian and have paid your taxes, check your mail.

[Personal Opinion Piece]

The morning of 7th January 2020 started on an alarming note. The shameless images from US Capitol, and an official “Do not reply” mail from Income tax department of India with clear instructions on how I can wear a “badge” to be an “inspiration” to others, both of which I read while sipping on bad tea.

This is disturbing at so many levels.

If my understanding of social media platform is correct, these digital infrastructures facilitate a common ground for people and organizations to communicate to their audiences, one to many, without actually needing them to be…

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Sometimes you receive the best advice when you are not looking for one.

And this happened to me yesterday, when I was on a call with a client for content marketing related discussion.

From Nov 2019, I have tried to be self-employed and build things I always wanted to build, and hopefully, earn from it too. While Corona claimed the lives and livelihoods of many, I will be honest, I was in a decent place. I had the means to cover my expenses, from my rent, food, to entertainment. …

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My first encounter with the idea of sex wasn’t with the word itself or with any awkward question to a badly timed television ad, it was the with word — “heredity”.

As a pre-teen, I asked my parents what it meant. Apart from the crude “parents to children” explanation, I also got an example — “like we fat, you fat, your kid fat”.

I wasn’t much offended by the future probability of gaining few extra pounds, but by the grand assumption that someday I will have kids, like it was some kind of mathematical certainty waiting to happen.

I was…

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I saw death last year, up close and waiting in queue to take away a loved one from me in a matter of days.

Being analytical, and mostly cynical leaves little room for hope. I realized that as I walked back to one of the rooms in a guesthouse near a premier hospital at Bhubaneswar.

“From what height did she fall?”, the neurologist inquired, as he showed me the MRI scans of my mother.

“I do not know. I arrived yesterday night.” It was the only answer I could give with my stoic face.

He showed me MRI scans of…

Snakes and Ladders Reimagined

Self-quarantine. Stay at home. #flattenthecurve

People who can have the OPTION to stay at home are doing so (hopefully), but it doesn’t mean it gets easy, particularly if they are extroverted. Asking an extrovert to stay at home, be alone, and not go out for days is probably as scary as asking an introvert to party all night, for nights on end.

But since introverts do go out and make their existence known in extroverted circles, maybe during such unprecedented times, extroverts can take a few cues from the inside life of introverts, and make the necessary activity of self-quarantine…

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